Mayor's Message - Expression of Thanks during this Time


Mayor Ryan

Message from Mayor Jim Ryan:


These are challenging times!

As we enter the Easter weekend, I want to begin by expressing thanks to those workers who continue to ensure our collective wellbeing while placing themselves at risk. Our essential workers continue to provide the necessary frontline services we depend upon daily for our health, safety and necessities for life.

Thank you!!

Thank you to our caring residents for your ongoing support of each other. It is truly heart-warming to hear the many stories of those taking extraordinary steps to support family, friends and neighbours.  

Unfortunately, I also hear of those few who continue to ignore physical distancing directives and continue to gather publicly for social interaction. Others are moving about the community and entering businesses unnecessarily putting themselves, the employees and the broader community at risk.

This is unacceptable! 

As difficult as it may be to practice the prescribed self-isolation and physical distancing, we must do our best to protect each other by preventing the spread of COVID-19. The harder we work together at this the sooner our lives will return to some form of ‘normal’.

We will get through this together!


Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Easter!!



James J. Ryan