Pictou Academy (Building) Questionnaire

Posted by on 29 March 2018

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Town of Pictou
Pictou Academy (Building) Questionnaire

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Welcome to the Town of Pictou Questionnaire on the future of the building that formerly housed Pictou Academy (The Academy).   

Submit your responses via:

Email:                                     info@townofpictou.ca
Regular Mail:                         Town of Pictou
                                                PO Box 640
                                                Pictou, NS      B0K 1H0

Town Office:                           40 Water Street (between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm)

Background Information:

  • In December 2017 the ‘Care and Control’ of the building was returned to the Town by the Province of Nova Scotia.
  • The Town would like to see the Academy property re-purposed and would only see demolition as a ‘last resort’.  
  • The gymnasium(s) and parking lot continue to be used by CCRSB and, therefore, the property under consideration includes the main building and the property on the Louise St. and Patterson Street sides. (Subdivision will take place to remove obstacles/encumbrances to future development.)
  • The building requires significant capital repair and operating costs will vary depending on upgrades and future use. 
  • The Town would expect to see operational costs for the building recovered/paid for by the user of the space.  (This may mean ownership would/could be transferred to another organization or group.)



What do you think?

Please answer all questions in this section.

1.      In order to measure ‘acceptability’ of various options for future use please Circle Yes or No for each of the options below.

        Can you envision:

  • ‘The Academy’ as a commercial space?                                                Yes/No
  • ‘The Academy’ as a residential property?                                             Yes/No
  • ‘The Academy’ as an alternate educational/training facility?               Yes/No
  • ‘The Academy’ as a mixed commercial and residential space?            Yes/No

 2.      What is your preferred option for the use of the facility? (Circle one)

          Commercial    Residential     Education/Training   Mixed Use       Other

 3.      Do you think ‘The Academy’ should be sold through a competitive process (RFP) to a business or not- for- profit organization?      YES/NO

 4.      Do you think The Town should maintain ownership and use of the facility for Town services and/or lease to interested parties?      YES/NO

 5.      My Idea!! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________




Thank you for taking the time to help us start the conversation regarding The Academy.

A.     Do you live in the town of Pictou?                                                 YES/NO
B.     Do you live in Pictou County?                                                         YES/NO
C.     Do you have a connection to Pictou Academy?                           YES/NO

Please share your connection:_____________________________________________

Name (Optional):______________________________________________