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Keeping Active


At this time all Town recreation programs are cancelled until further notice.

Facility closures include:
Pictou Fisheries Training Pool

Facilities open include:
All Sport Fields
All Town playgrounds and parks
Tennis Courts

Jitney Trail - Open for walkers; only if you are able to walk from your neighbourhood. You cannot drive and park at any trail entrance/parking lot.

For Information on Recreation Programs and Seasonal Activities <VISIT HERE>  

For Information on Aquatics at the Pictou Fisheries Training Pool <VISIT HERE> - SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


Becoming more active is easier than you think. It is important to be active throughout your life. Discover all the different ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily life in Pictou. It can be as easy as walking the dog or taking your grandchild to the playground. Pictou Recreation and Parks provides recreation programming for all ages and interests, as well we provide leadership in organizing special community events that foster community pride.   

Pictou Recreation and Parks is a registered organization of HIGH FIVE

Quality Assurance and Child Development

Pictou Rec

Children are shaped by the opportunities and experiences they encounter at home, at school and at play. These experiences influence their sense of self-worth, their social development and their ability to succeed in later life. But positive learning experiences don't always come easily. Recreation and sport activities make an important contribution to how children develop, physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. In these settings, children learn skills that last a lifetime.


About the HIGH FIVE Program

High Five

Recreation Nova Scotia's HIGH FIVE® Program is a Quality Assurance System designed to support the safety, well-being and healthy development of children in recreation and sport programs. This program provides parents and professionals with tools, training and resources that promote and support the principles of Healthy Child Development. Town of Pictou Recreation staff have HIGH FIVE® training to ensure that every child has a positive sport and recreation experience.

The HIGH FIVE® program is based on the premise that a child's development is best supported when they are in a program that provides them with a caring and mature leader, and the opportunity to play, make friends, master skills and participate. HIGH FIVE® refers to five key principles of a positive sport and recreation program:

  • Participation
  • Playleadership in Pictou Rec
  • Mastery
  • Friends
  • A Caring Adult

HIGH FIVE® was developed by Parks and Recreation Ontario. For more information on HIGH FIVE® in Ontario, visit

HIGH FIVE in Nova Scotia

"HIGH FIVE® is recognized as the critical building block for a healthy population. Being designated as a HIGH FIVE® entity is seen as representing quality children's programming. HIGH FIVE® is the premier certification for frontline leaders for children and the ultimate source of accessible tools, training and resources that lead to excellence in children's programming. HIGH FIVE® is part of the culture of all organizations who care about healthy child development." HIGH FIVE® is supported by Nova Scotia Health Promotion.


For information about the program in Nova Scotia contact:

High FIVE®
Debbie Bauld, HIGH FIVE Coordinator
Recreation Nova Scotia
5516 Spring Garden Road, Suite 309
Halifax NS B3J 1G6
Tel: (902) 425-1128
Fax: (902) 422-8201

For information about High Five programs in the Town of Pictou contact:
Pictou Recreation and Parks