Day Camp Programs





Pictou Recreation and Parks offers day camps for children throughout July and August. Camps are open to children ages 6 to 11 years old. Campers must bring their own lunch, snacks, water and sun protection, including a hat and sunscreen. Comfortable walking shoes/sneakers are necessary. The day camps are held at Broidy Park Monday through Friday with trip days being on Thursday. Drop off will be at Broidy Park at 9:00am and pick-up will be at the Broidy Park at 4:00pm, except for trip days when locations and times vary according to the individual trip. Registration fee includes day trip expenses. Registration will be accepted to attend weekly camps as well as on a daily basis. There is a special rate available if you wish to register your child for the full summer. Please note that all camp programs are nut free. You may choose a weekly program fee or pay by the day. 

Healthy Eating Practices and Multi-Sport Learning Opportunities are a BIG part of the DAY CAMP PROGRAMS. The Town of Pictou is a registered HIGH FIVE® organization. Pictou Recreation staff have HIGH FIVE® training to ensure that every child has a positive sport and recreation experience. Our Day Camp Staff receive leadership training, First Aid and Fundamental Movement Skills Certifications.

For more information on HIGH FIVE® visit: 

 Campers may sign up for the week, as well there is a daily rate or you may choose to the day trip only (special rate depending upon the day trip). 


Health and Safety

Sun Safety

Research has indicated that each sunburn increases the risk of cancer. To address this concern Pictou Recreation will be promoting sun safety in our programs. The sun safety policy is in place to protect youth and leaders. We therefore require anyone enrolled in our programs to wear sunscreen. We ask parents to provide ample amounts for children.


Behavior & Respect

Our staff encourage fair play, respect, honesty, and fun. Bullying, verbal or physical, is unacceptable at our camps and will not be tolerated. For our summer programs to be a success, they must be operated on a principal of respect. This idea includes respect for each other, the rules, activity parameters and safety guidelines so that everyone can have a safe and fun camp experience. 


Healthy Eating

All campers are required to bring a daily snack and lunch to camp each day. In our efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle, we encourage participants to pack a nutritional lunch. Every Tuesday we will take time to learn about different healthy foods and have a sample to try to indorse healthy eating.


Nut Free

Pictou Recreation and Parks are committed to providing safe and accessible services and activities for all persons. A Nut Free environment will be maintained by the Day-Camp with hopes of reducing nut related allergy risks and making our camp more available to kids with allergies. 


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