Public Notices & News

Jitney Trail Closure -beginning Monday, Sept 25

JITNEY TRAIL CLOSURE - Starting Monday, September 25 the Jitney Trail will be closed for construction for approximately 60 days related to the deCoste project. Signage will be placed showing alternative routes (section closed will be from behind the deCoste Centre to the pathway by the old Consulate).

This is essential to making all appropriate improvements in the area including: utility connections and boardwalk construction.

Sale of Wagon - Town accepting bids

The Town is accepting bidgs on it's surplus wagon.  Bids will be accepted until October 4 at 2:00 pm. 
All submissions should be sealed and delivered to the Town of Pictou at 40 Water Street in Pictou.







Public Notice - Sidewalk Replacement

PUBLIC NOTICE - CF Construction will be starting Wellington Street sidewalk replacement on Monday, September 18, 2023 between Denoon and High Street.

Audit and Regular Council Meeting Agendas for Sept. 18

Notice of Town of Pictou
Audit Committee Meeting
Council Chambers – CN Station
Monday, September 18, 2023
6:00 pm

The public can also access the meeting via the Town of Pictou Recreation and Parks Facebook Page beginning at 6:00pm.


1.  Call to Order
2.  Approval of Agenda
3.  Presentations
     a)  Audit Report – MNP
     b) Consolidated Financial Statements for Year Ended March 31, 2023 – MNP
4.  Public Comments/Questions
5.  Adjournment

Kyle Slaunwhite


Notice of Town of Pictou
Regular Council Meetin
CN Station – Council Chambers
71 Front Street
Monday, September 18, 2023

The public can access the meeting via the Town of Pictou Facebook Page beginning at 6:00 pm or attend in person.


1.  Public Session – Audit Committee (6:00 pm)
2.  Public Session – Call to Order (Immediately following Audit Committee Meeting)
3.  Land Acknowledgement
4.  Changes/Approval of Agenda
5.  Proclamations & Acknowledgements
6.  Presentations
     a)  Hector Arena
7.  Approval of Minutes
     a)  Regular Council – July 17, 2023
     b)  Public Hearing – September 5, 2023
     c)  Special Council – September 5, 2023
     d)  Committee of Council – September 5, 2023
8.  Recommendations
     a)  Battery Street Closure Policy – Approval
     b)  Tourism Marketing Levy By-Law – First Reading
     c)  Approval of Audited Financial Statements
9.  Discussion
     a)  Municipal Corporation Reports:
          i)  Pictou County Shared Services Authority
         ii)  Pictou County Wellness Centre
        iii)  Riverview Home
11. Correspondence
12. Public Comments/ Questions
13. Adjournment

Kyle Slaunwhite
Chief Administrative Officer