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Having issues with low water pressure, one of the first things to check for is sediment in your water faucet aerator. Instruction video below.

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2018 Water Rate Application Decision and Order Release

Town of Pictou Water Utility - 2018 Water Rate Application - Decision Release

Town of Pictou Water Utility - 2018 Water Rate Application - Order Release



The TOWN OF PICTOU has made Application to the Board, on behalf of its WATER UTILITY for approval of Amendments to its Schedule of Rates and Charges for Water and Water Services and Amendments to its Schedule of Rules and Regulations.

Hearings begin October 17, 2018 - full details



Winter 2018 Update

Water Treatment Plant and Pressure Zones

Construction has started on the water treatment plant. This winter the plant walls, roof and interior work will be carried out. In the spring, pipework associated with the treatment plant and pressure zones will commence. The project is on schedule to be complete in Fall of 2018. During construction, residents are asked to avoid areas of work. Heavy equipment will be coming and going from the construction site and we want everyone to be safe.




Government of Canada Supports Improvements to Pictou’s Water Treatment and Distribution System

Water Funding Announcement July 23 2015

July 23, 2015 – Town of Pictou, Nova Scotia – Infrastructure Canada
Project made possible thanks to New Building Canada Plan <more>

Mayor Joseph Hawes, Town of Pictou - Remarks <more

(L to R): Mayor Joe Hawes; MLA for Pictou West Karla MacFarlane; Public Works staff Stephen Bowen, Sean Knowles, Jim Chisholm, Raymond MacPhail and Rob MacDonald; MLA for Victoria-The Lakes Pam Eyking; Public Works staff Kevin Crews; Minister Peter MacKay; MLA for Pictou Center Pat Dunn


Water Funding Announcement GOV July 23 2015


(L to R):Councillors Bob Naylor, Lynn Vigneault and Cam Beaton; Deputy Mayor Alta Munroe; Mayor Joe Hawes; MLA for Victoria-The Lakes Pam Eyking; Minister Peter MacKay




Downloads pdf

Download detaiIMG 0553led overview of Pictou Water Utility including current system, rates, what the projects are and timelines -<more>

Water Metering Program - for further details - <more>

Water Tower Repair and Maintenance Work -<more>

Water Metering Program Questions & Answers -<more>

Town Drinking Water Improvements - 2nd Release - May 2013 - <more>

Drinking Water Improvements - First Release -<more>

Water Utility Upgrades

The Town of Pictou is conducting wellhead upgrades starting April 23 for a period of 15 weeks. Over the first four weeks there may be disturbances to the system including low pressure and/or discoloration.

The upgrades are necessary to ensure the Town is in compliance with safe drinking water regulations and include the installation of:

· Flow Meters;
· Chlorine Injectors;
· Pressure Sensors;
· New Monitoring Equipment (conductivity, turbidity, temperature);
· UV Lights;
· Ground Water Level Sensors; and
· Disinfection Contact Pipe.
Additionally, the upgrades will enable real time computer trending to show well performance and allow better control of system conditions.

These upgrades will not eliminate discoloration events but are required prior the design and installation of a treatment plant.

The Town of Pictou would like to thank all residents and business for their cooperation and understanding.

Where does your water come from?


Construction of new Pictou well #15

The majority of public water systems in Nova Scotia are supplied by surface water sources, e.g., lakes. Our system, however, relies on well (ground) water. The wells in the Pictou system are located in two adjacent areas - the Pictou and Caribou well fields.

One significant difference between our water system in comparison with surface water systems is that we directly live, recreate and transport goods over our drinking water. In other words our daily activities can have a direct impact on the quality of our drinking water.

Please explore the links below to learn more about Pictou's water system:

Information on Pictou Water Utility for review or download pdf

Source Water Protection Plan - Updated October 2017 - view/download pdf
Water Sampling Program - October 2017 -view/download.pdf 
Well Field Map - view / download pdf 
Rates, Charges and Regulations -  view/download.pdf 
Contact Information - continue reading

For more information on Nova Scotia's drinking water strategy and regulations please visit the Nova Scotia Environment Website.

Below is a copy of the current Utility and Review Boards Regulations. To view the document in full screen, click the icon on the bottom bar (fourth from left). The publication may take a couple of minutes to load.